18th - 21st AUGUST 2016 | COLOMBO, SRI LANKA

Theatre Festival for Children And Youth | 19-21 August 2016 | Lionel Wendt Theatre

We Know it and Hat Seller - "Punchi Apata Dan Therei ha Thoppi Welenda"

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One day Mr. Cock discovered an ear of corn, while sweeping the garden and he suggested to the Ratty boys that they get it milled. But oh no; they had lots of schoolwork to do. Then he got it milled himself and called for help to prepare the honey cakes. Oh; my goodness; They have not finished their home work; Besides, little children mustn’t get near the oil pen or the fire; what more? Eating sweet meats is not good for worms; so, Mr. Cock made the hone-cakes himself. The rats were at play. Suddenly they all exclaimed oh the table; They were impatient to eat them. They approached Mr. Cock in the kitchen and inquired after his health and then talked about the cakes....

Distortion - "Vikurthi"

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Vikurthi (Distortion), an original play written and Directed by Mrs. Somalatha Subasinghe. First Produced in 1982. More suitable for young adults. Performed in English in India and Australia in 2000. Synopsys: Priyangani � is a simple teenager who loves art, nature and humanity. Her mother, Hilda who began life as a very simple person is caught up in the competition of life and consumer values. Priyangai�s father � is a trade unionist who philosophises on the futility of the rat race. ..

Wanted - Dutu Thana Allanu

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The play is based on �Opera Wonyosi�, written by Nobel laurate Wole Soyinka, a Nigerian playwright and poet. The play is semi-musical-satirical type because Kaushalya wants it to be more appealing to the audience.