18th - 21st AUGUST 2016 | COLOMBO, SRI LANKA

History of ASSITEJ Asia Meetings

First Assitej Asia Meeting

Assitej Asia meeting was first held in Osaka, Japan from 6th to 8th August under the patronage of Assitej Japan with a view to strengthen the Asian network of theatre for children and youth. The first meeting was well attended by the Assitej centres in Asia and it was held in concurrence with many theatre activities. So the participants had the opportunity to watch international theatre productions, to meet festival organizers, etc. At the meeting the delegates were able to take important decisions on the future of Asian meetings.
the first meeting Assitej Sri Lanka was represented by Dr. Chandana Aluthge, the General Secretary of Assitej Sri Lanka. Dr.Chandana was able to strengthen networking ties with Assitej Centres in Asia and, as a result, Assitej Sri Lanka was able to send youth artistes to take part in Residency Programme of Assitej Korea. Namal Jayasinghe (actor/writer) Amila Sandaruwan (Actor/composer) and Radhika Omali (actor/Teacher/artist) went to Korea on invitation by Assitej Korea to take part in creative collaboration with fellow artistes from Asia under the residency programme.

Second Assitej Asia Meeting

The second meeting was held in China in 2011. Due to visa difficulty Assitej Sri Lanka was unable represent the meeting.

Third Assitej Asia Meeting

The third meeting was held in Japan again in 2012 from 28th July to 2nd August in concurrence with Kijimuna Festa 2012 and Assitej 1st International Meeting. Mr. Prasannajith Abeysuriya, Senior Lecturer, Department of Drama and Theatre, University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo and a Vice President Assitej Sri Lanka, represented Sri Lanka at Assitej Asia meeting. Assitej Japan Centre provided the means to take part in the meeting. The meeting provided the platform for delegates to share and listen to the views and ideas presented by them. It also paved the way for networking and strengthening of the existing relationships among Assitej Centres within the region.

Fourth Assitej Asia Meeting

The fourth meeting was held in Seoul, Korea in 2014 from 9th to 12th January at Artists’ House and Daehakro Arts Theatre, under the theme “The Future of Theatre for Young Audiences.” The Meeting provided an opportunity for the participants from various Asian countries to discuss their roles in building the future of theatre for young audiences. Also, the participants shared their vision and encouraged cultural exchanges across borders.
Kaushalya Fernando, A leading actress and theatre director and a teacher of theatre represented Assitej Sri Lanka at the meeting. The meeting was also graced by the President, Assitej International. A good number of Asian Assitej Centres took part in the meeting.

Fifth Assitej Asia Meeting

The fifth meeting was held in Chennai, India under the patronage of Assitej India in concurrently with Little Theatre Festival in Chennai from 4th to 7th July. Two young talented artistes, Nilanka Dahanayake (Actor/writer) and Saviour Kanishka (actor), who are also the executive committee members of Assitej Sri Lanka, represented Assitej Sri Lanka at the meeting.

Sixth Assitej Asia Meeting

The Sixth meeting was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka under the patronage of Assitej Sri Lanka in concurrently with Somalatha Subasinghe Playhouse. Find the Report and the Minutes of the sixth ASSITEJ Asia meeting 2016 with the embedded links.